Our Mission

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Our mission is to mobilize a strategic cooperation of local churches

for the enrichment of vernacular Gospel Ministry in Congo.





Our short-term goal is to play a vital role in the genesis of a healthy group of churches in Lubumbashi, who will become wholeheartedly committed to God’s Word.

Our long-term goal is to impart a lasting zeal for Gospel Ministry that will lead to mature local Congolese churches successfully reproducing themselves within Central Africa & beyond.



Annual Conferences held in Congo

1. Providing a venue that cultivates an appetite for further Biblical Training
2. Identifying new & potential Partner Churches in Lubumbashi
3. Building trust & rapport between Partner Churches in Lubumbashi

Basic Doctrinal Overview

1. Providing a platform to grow & benefit from future training
2. Identifying potential students for ENTRUST Block Courses

ENTRUST Block Courses

1. Providing in-depth training in Systematic, Biblical, Pastoral, & Practical Theology
2. Identifying skilled students for leadership development

Ministry Evaluation Program

1. Providing an opportunity for sister churches in Lubumbashi to appeal for external
    observation, evaluation & loving critique
2. Identifying strategic partnerships to address local issues

Theological Relief Initiative

1. Providing nationals access to resources at a reasonable cost
2. Identifying existing theological resources in French
3. Developing French ministry materials for training and discipleship