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Our Vision

We have lofty visions, desires that God has placed upon our hearts. And these visions will lead us in our endeavors and motivate us in our initiatives.

Vision #1: Congolese churches planting Congolese churches look at these guys.

Reality states that foreign missionaries are an essential part of the work in the Congo, but are not sufficient in bringing about the task of reaching Congo with the gospel and seeing churches planted across this vast country. Our vision is to see Congo reached by its own people and churches planted by their own churches. The great commission is not just given to those churches in nations with great affluence, able to send missionaries abroad, but to every church in every nation on earth. Reproduction is a sign of a mature church and our desire is to plant churches in the Congo that will in turn plant churches.

Vision #2: Congolese pastors committed to the authority and sufficiency of Scripture.

We do not need to rely on gimmicks or trendy technics. We desire to teach God’s Word in all its authority and be an example of practical Christian living. If we firmly hold to this commitment then it is all the more likely that this commitment will then be passed on to those we train.

Vision #3: Churches experiencing the universal body of Christ as a functioning body.

We want churches to have a big view of God and his plan, not a big view of their own church or their own plans. Congolese churches and US churches alike need to see that God has greater goals than enlarging their own church both numerically and financially. God is committed to his entire body, his complete bride, and his whole building. He will not cease in his endeavors to build his church until all is finished. God’s endeavors may include using our efforts to grow our individual churches, but it also may include using our efforts to grow other churches in other areas of great need. The body cares for its needy members, it helps its hurting parts, and it protects its weakened areas. We believe the universal church should function this way.

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